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 Chamber Music

The Nightwatch

The Nightwatch

Melody and melodic counterpoint
from Joelle Wallach

with performers from the University of North Texas

CD 4035
UPC Code #681585403527

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The Door Standing Open

The Door Standing Open

Vocal and Non-vocal chamber music
by Joelle Wallach
with Performers from the University of Texas

CD 4034
UPC Code #681585403427

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CD 4033

Sally Shorrock, flute and director
Karen Linquist, harp
Bryony Stroud-Watson, violin
Veronica Salas, viola
Bernard Tamosaitis, cello

  • Prelude, Marine and Chansons - Joseph Guy Ropartz
  • Quartet No. 1 for Flute, Harp and String Trio - Jean Francaix
  • Suite Medievale - Jean Yves Daniel-Lesur
  • Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte - Maurice Ravel

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CD 4002
UPC Code #615594400220


Cherina Eisenberg in Gershwin & Achron CradleSong

BEST OF 1997

"It can take its place beside Mischa Elman's (collection), to whichit is equal in depth of musicianship and superior in recorded sound. Highlyrecommended"

- Fanfare

"This is one of the most beautiful recordings of Jewishmusic I've heard. Schiff is a great violinist in every way."

- American Record Guide

"This collection, in celebration of Jerusalem 3,000, is an invaluablecontribution"

- Journal of Jewish Music and Liturgy

" outstanding disk, which I highly recommend to anyone who is sweptby the emotions, the nostalgia and the meaning behind this worthy release.

- David Amos, San Diego Jewish Times

  • Alexander Krein - Caprice Hebraique
  • Joseph Achron - Hebrew Melody & Hebrew Cradle Song
  • Efrem Zimbalist, Sr. - Hebrew Song & Dance
  • David Hush - Shir Eres (Lullaby for violin solo) & Sonata for Violin Solo
  • Marc Lavry - Three Jewish Dances
  • Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco - Sea-Murmurs
  • Paul Ben-Haim - Sephardic Melody
  • Hanoch Jacoby - King David's Lyre
  • George Gershwin - Second Prelude

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CD 4004
PC Code #6155944004237

Jerry Rizzi

"Turn Of The Century" CD is about the passing of a torch from one turn ofthe century to the next. Throughout history, this passing has always been asignificant period of time - from the 1890s to the early 20th Century; fromthe 1990s to the dawn of the 21st Century - filled with melancholy for thepast and hope for new beginning.

Influences in art, music and architecture from the turn of the previouscentury are still experienced in many cities throughout the world. The 19thCentury European style architecture in New York City was a direct result ofthe desire to create an art and cultural center in America. New York Cityin particular, where many of the accompanying booklet's images are set,still lives with these influences.

Musically the 'Turn of The Century' CD is an eclectic blend of classical,20th century chamber music, jazz, poetry and many sights, sounds andexperiences that the art and cultural center of America has to offer.

Reflective in mood, the CD captures the character of these times when weconsider the past and the future coming together as one - The Turn of theCentury

  • Turn of the Century (1:45) prelude in D minor
  • Turn of the Century (2:45) 2nd movement of 'Autumn's Passage' Woodwind Quintet #1
  • Blue Horizon (4:05)
  • Not Just Another Day (4:20)
  • When It's Right (2:52)
  • A Summer's Lament (1:43) excerpts from 'A Summer Cadence' 2nd movement Woodwind Quintet #2
  • A Summer's Lament (4:07) variations on 'A Summer Cadence' 2nd movement Woodwind Quintet #2
  • Wakened Dreams (6:53) (jazz ballet) 1st movement
  • Forgotten Friend (5:09) A tribute to Jazz guitarist Joe Monk
  • Wakened Dreams (6:08) (jazz ballet) 3rd movement

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CD 4005
UPC Code #615594400527


BEST OF 1997

"...Schiff plays sympathetically, with the clarity of cloudless skies...Given the excellence of - and the warm advocacy evident in theserecordings, the anthology earns a wholehearted recommendation"

- Fanfare

"The... repertoire is as varied as the 50 states and as colorful asthe American flag."

- North County (CA) Times

"Indeed, anyone interested in a program that defines American musiccould hardly do better than this one"

- American Record Guide

Selected by WGBH radio for its international Art of the Statesprogram.

  • William Grant Still - Here's One
  • Two Vignettes for Violin and Piano
  • Summerland
  • Blues (from Lenox Avenue)
  • Quit Dat Fool'nish
  • Lee Hoiby - Sonata for Violin and Piano
  • Florence Price - The Deserted Garden
  • Henry Cowell - Sonata for Violin and Piano
  • Aaron Copland - Two pieces for Violin and Piano

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CD 4006
UPC Code #615594400626

Laurel Ann Maurer, Flute and Alto Flute
Mark Neiwirth, pianist
Joanne Pearce Martin, pianist

"A secure technician and an assured, communicative interpreter."

- New York Times

"Angel Shadows proves again that she is one of America'sfinest flute talents"

- Salt Lake Tribune

"Maurer has a strong, colorful, full sound and a sure technique ... Shemaintains a high energy level and shows true dedication to the cause ofnew music"

- American Record Guide

Acclaimed flutist Laurel Ann Maurer's latest anthology of American flutemusic features  World Premiere Recordings of works by Thom RitterGeorge, Meyer Kupferman , Dana Paul Perna, and Augusta Read Thomas, whoselovely  title track Angel Shadows Ms. Maurer commissioned and premieredat Carnegie Hall. The disc also includes superb performances of WalterPiston's and  Lowell Liebermann's Sonatas for Flute and Piano.  Ms. Maurer is ideally accompanied in the George and Liebermann by pianistMark Neiwirth and Joanne Pearce Martin in the Piston. Angel Shadows createsa unique, panoramic view of the American milieu.

  • Thom Ritter George - 6 American Folk Songs for Flute and Piano, CN 341
  • Meyer Kupferman - Arcana I for Solo Flute
  • Walter Piston - Sonata for Flute and Piano
  • Dana Paul Perna - Fantasy-Sonata for Unaccompanied flute, op. 45
  • Lowell Liebermann - Sonata for Flute and Piano, op. 23
  • Augusta Read Thomas - Angel Shadows for Solo Alto Flute

Available at or from 4Tay Inc. - 516-586-3433

CD 4007
UPC Code #615594400725
(Birds of Prey)

BOB ACKERMAN, Saxophones, Flutes, Clarinets & Voice
Pam Purvis, voices
Bob Hovey, trombone, phonograph & voice
Dominic Duval, bass
Herb Fisher & Tom Sayek, drums & percussion
Herb Robertson, cornet, flutes, whistles & voice

Fascinating new jazz experiments and improvisations from Ensemble Ackerman. An album of free, experiential jazz from these acclaimed multi-instrumental and vocal artists.

  • Improvisation I - Presentation des oiseaux
  • Improvisation II
  • Improvisation III - L'attaque des oiseaux
  • Improvisation IV
  • Improvisation V - Les oiseaux de proie
  • Improvisation VI
  • Improvisation VII - Les oiseaux en brochettes

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CD 4005
UPC Code #615594400527

Clarinetist Eric P. Mandat
Cellist Ivars Bezprozvanovs
Pianist Peteris Plakidis

""The Transatlantic Trio give an eruptive, forward reading of (Brahms) ... Thereason the procurement of this disc becomes mandatory is because of itsmate...the sparkling trio of Vincent D'Indy. What a wonderful work - fullythe equal of Brahms!... Absolutely gorgeous, heart-tugging melody aboundseverywhere. Need a fresh discovery?"

- American Record Guide

The exciting international debut recording by this superb multi-nationalensemble. Comprised of Latvian musicians Ivars Bezprozvanovs, cellist andpianist Peteris Plakidis and American clarinetist Eric P. Mandat, the TransatlanticTrio has already established themselves as one of Latvia's foremost performingensembles. The program consists of two cornerstones of the trio's repertoire:the Trio in A minor, op. 114 of Johannes Brahms (to commemoratethe centennial of his death) and the less frequently heard Trio, op.29 by Vincent D'Indy.

This debut recording has been released in conjunction with their NorthAmerican concert debut tour.

  • Johannes Brahms - Trio in A minor, op. 114
  • Vincent D'Indy - Trio, op. 29

Available at or from 4Tay Inc. - 516-586-3433

CD 4010
UPC Code #615594401029

Donna Fairbanks, Violin
Lysa Rytting, Harp

"...a pleasant survey of unhackneyed music...the Sonata, by Adrian Shaposhnikov...sounds like Ravel with a tinge of Slavic melancholy...The first movement (of the Donizetti) is a lovely aria in Donizetti's best manner, which Fairbanks sings with some charm: the second a sprightly cabaletta...(The Boren) sounds like a modern dance scores, liturgical mainly in its serene starkness. The most effective dance combines harp with pizzicato violin. Rytting creates an attractive, ghostly tone quality."

- Fanfare

The greatly-anticipated debut recording from the superb Aurora Duo presents unique and beautiful but rarely-heard repertoire for violin and harp. Acclaimed violinist Donna Fairbanks and harp virtuoso Lysa Rytting explore this repertoire in a musical journey around the world featuring compositions by America's Alan Hovhaness and Murray Boren, Italy's Gaetano Donizetti, France's Camille Saint-Saens, Argentina's Angel Lasala and Russia's Adrian Shaposhinikov.

  • Gaetano Donizetti - Sonata in G Major for Violin and Harp
  • Adrian Shaposhinikov - Sonata in d minor for Violin and Harp
  • Alan Hovhaness - Sonata, op. 406
  • Angel E. Lasala - Poema Del Pastor Coya (World Premiere Recording)
  • Murray Boren - Movements from the Liturgical Dance (World Premiere Recording)
  • Camille Saint-Saens - Fantasie for Violin and Harp, op. 123

Available at or from 4Tay Inc. - 516-586-3433

CD 4011
UPC Code #615594401128

Elaine Comparone, Harpsichord
The Queen's Chamber Band

"This diverse program has a thread of logic connecting the elements. The composers are Italian, or were influenced by Italian style ... The performances are a delight. All of the vocals (Monteverdi, Gorzanis, Handel) are taken by Marshall Coid, who should become more familiar as news of his prowess gets around. He produces the powerful, yet unforced tone of a true countertenor...a disc for the adventurous who want to be surprised."

- Fanfare

In 1762, John Christian Bach was appointed Music Master to England's Queen Charlotte Sophia, wife of "Mad" King George III. With a few close musical friends, the "London Bach" formed an ensemble to entertain Her Majesty in her private chambers - The Queen's Chamber Band . In this spirit of intimate, personal performance Elaine Comparone, "a harpsichordist with few equals" (The New York Times), has successfully recreated The Queen's Chamber Band with musical friends Marshall Coid, countertenor, Daniel Waitzman, flutes, Marsha Heller, oboe, Robert Zubrycki and Lori Miller, violins, Yari Bond, cello and Jerry Willard, lute and baroque guitar. The Queen's Chamber Band, in its modern incarnation, performs a superbly chosen, intimate program that combines breathtaking virtuosity, profound historical perspective and expertise and extraordinary musical sensitivity.

  • Claudio Monteverdi - Three Selections from Scherzi Musicali
  • John Christian Bach - Quintet in D Major for Flute, Oboe, Violin, Cello, Harpsichord and Baroque Guitar (arr. Comparone)
  • George Frideric Handel - Aria from Julius Caesar for Countertenor, Flute, Oboe, Two Violins and Basso Continuo (arr. Coid)
  • Giacomo Gorzanis - Five Napolitane for Countertenor and Lute
  • Antonio Brioschi - Overture No. 4 in G Major for 2 Violins and Basso Continuo
  • John Dowland -Two Galliards and a Pavan

Available at or from 4Tay Inc. - 516-586-3433

CD 4012
UPC Code #615594401227

Music for theater, cabaret and concert stage by Herbert A. Deutsch

Music from the 1980s and 1990s by American composer and electronic music pioneer Herbert A. Deutsch. Including his music for theater, cabaret and concert stage, with marvelous performances by the American Chamber Ensemble, pianist Nancy Deutsch, soprano Grace Anderson, flutist Patricia Spencer and others, this disk displays the full range of the composer's acoustic and electronic compositions. Set to a variety of text sources, with several pieces incorporating synthesizers or electronic tape, these works reflect women's points of view throughout the ages, and are written and performed with unusual sensitivity.

"all the music is performed and recorded with great professionalism. If the classical side of Andrew Lloyd Webber appeals to you...add this disc to your collection."

- Fanfare

"Herbert A. comfortable in a host of musical styles, from cabaret to musical theater to concert style. His best pieces, like Measure for Measure Fantasy, have the same kind of accessible irony that Kurt Weill has."

- American Record Guide

  • Prelude & Mazurka - Nancy Deutsch , piano
  • Woman in Darkness - text by Virginia Terris - The American Chamber Ensemble, featuring clarinetist Naomi Drucker, pianist Blanche Abram and soprano Deirdre Kingsbury
  • Measure for Measure Fantasy - Patricia Spencer, flute, with tape accompaniment
  • 3 Songs from the Vision of Isaiah - Grace Anderson, soprano, Nancy Deutsch, piano
  • Abyss - text by Sonia Usatch - Grace Anderson, soprano, Patricia Spencer, piccolo
  • Sunbeam's Soliloquy - from the opera DORIAN - Grace Anderson, soprano, Daniel Blau, tenor, with tape accompaniment
  • A Birthday Gift - text by Herbert Deutsch - Edward Valenti, tenor, Nancy Deutsch, piano
  • Sleight of Hand - text by Herbert Deutsch and Karen Saunders - Karen Saunders, alto, with tape accompaniment

Available at or from 4Tay Inc. - 516-586-3433

CD 4013
UPC Code #65087018425

Music for voices and Baroque ensemble
Double CD Set by Composer Elodie Lauten

"There's a compellingly ritualistic feel to the cycle; Lauten has found a kinship with the minimalists...a rich tapestry that discloses submerged patterns on repeated hearings"

- San Francisco Examiner

"Deus Ex a grand work that we are likely to return to again and again, combining post-minimal and pre-classical musics into a unified, spiritual whole, all colored by the use of 18th-century Velotti temperament...Lauten turns all to gold."

- 21st Century Music

"The beauties of the entire work...are considerable.. There is very little that gives the recording away as being live, and the sound is very good. Recommended"

- Fanfare

Elodie Lauten's "major opus, strikingly scored for Baroque ensemble with harpsichord, with the text chanted in a style reminiscent not of minimalism but of an exotic fusion of Stravinskian chinoiserie and the 17th century cantata: very beautiful." Kyle Gann, The Village Voice New Music for Baroque Ensemble from this internationally renowned composer, in a stunning live performance from New York's Merkin Hall, conducted by Mimi Stern-Wolfe and featuring harpsichordist Elaine Comparone, flutist Andrew Bolotowsky, baritone Thomas Buckner and many other star New York soloists. With inspiration and lyrics drawn from the words of Blaise Pascal, Steven Hall, Rainer Maria Rilke and Elodie Lauten herself, the Deus Ex Machina Cycle creates a unique sound world that grows out of what annotator John Schaefer calls "a synthesis of neo-Baroque and postminimalist musical styles". This large-scale, two-part work is very moving, deeply felt in its conception andexceptionally beautiful.

Elodie Lauten, whose Variations on the Orange Cycle was cited by Chamber Music Magazine as one of the 100 Reasons to Play This Century's Music, has created a distinguished body of work that has been performed in her native Paris, the US and Canada. She has been hailed by the Village Voice as "a composer of enchanting music, one of the most individual voices of the present generation."

  • CD 1: Agartha or the Realm of Emotion and Experience
  • CD 2: Akasha or the Realm of the Unknowable

Available at or from 4Tay Inc. - 516-586-3433

CD 4014
UPC Code #615594401425

Duos and Trios
The American Chamber Ensemble

musical survey of the career of Albert Tepper, including his wonderful Sonata for Viola and Piano from 1948 right through to 1995s Trio Barocco for Violin, Clarinet and Piano, with marvelous performances by the American Chamber Ensemble. This wonderful collection of duos and trios includes Mr. Tepper's superb A Shakespeare Garland for soprano, clarinet and piano - songs he has composed during his more than 25 years of writing original music for Hofstra University's nationally-known Shakespearean productions.

Featured performers include American Chamber Ensemble Directors Blanche Abram, pianist and Naomi Drucker, clarinetist, mezzo-soprano Deirdre Kingsbury, violinist Eriko Sato, violist Lois Martin, flutist Patricia Spencer and bassoonist Braden Toan.

  • Trio Barocco for violin, clarinet and piano
  • The Toy Flute for flute and piano and soprano
  • Suite for Clarinet and Bassoon
  • Sonata for Viola and Piano
  • Three Inventions on DBH for flute, clarinet and bassoon
  • A Shakespeare Garland for soprano, clarinet and piano
  • Moorish Drone Dance

Available at or from 4Tay Inc. - 516-586-3433

Legacy of the American Woman Composer
CD 4018
UPC Code #681585401828

Laurel Ann Maurer, Flute
Joanne Pearce Martin, pianist

The brilliant American flutist Laurel Ann Maurer returns to 4Tay with another wonderful collection of New American Music - this time celebrating the American Woman Composer. Selections by Libby Larsen, Claire Polin, Gladys Nordenstrom, Gwyneth Walker and Vivian Fine represent a superb cross-section of American musical thinking from the latter half of the 20th Century. New works by Marie Barker Nelson and Jennifer Higdon, both written for Laurel Ann Maurer, point a strong direction for the instrument's future. An important addition to the recorded legacy of American Music, presented by the woman whom Julius Baker called "one of our outstanding and gifted flutists." Sensitive piano accompaniment by Joanne Pearce Martin.

  • Songs of the Moon - Marie Barker Nelson
  • Legacy - Jennifer Higdon
  • Emily's Images - Vivian Fine
  • Aubade for solo flute - Libby Larsen
  • First Flute Sonata - Claire Polin
  • Rondo for flute and piano - Gladys Nordenstrom
  • Theme and Variations for flute and piano - Gwyneth Walker

Available at or from 4Tay Inc. - 516-586-3433

CD 4019
UPC Code #615594401920

Laurel Ann Maurer, Flute
Joanne Pearce Martin, pianist

Having displayed her abundant gifts with new American music on previous 4Tay releases ANGEL SHADOWS and Legacy of the American Woman Composer, Laurel Ann Maurer, turns her attention to three masterworks of the standard flute repertoire. Sonatas by Prokofiev, Franck and Poulenc are presented here in fresh and fabulous new interpretations, with more-than-able assistance from Ms. Maurer's frequent collaborator, Joanne Pearce Martin. Another fine addition to the catalog by this great American Flutist.

  • Sonata in D Major, Op. 94 - Prokofiev
  • Sonata in A Major - Franck
  • Sonata for flute and piano - Poulenc*

*New recording of the 1994 critical edition of the Poulenc Sonata,

Available at or from 4Tay Inc. - 516-586-3433

Twisted Pine Branch
CD 4020
UPC Code #68158540202

Music by Pianist/Composer Haskell Small
and guests, including Gerard Reuter oboe
Philip Meyers French horn
Judith Nicosia, Soprano

A wonderful survey of the chamber music of Washington DC-based composerand pianist Haskell Small, from 1978's Suite for Cello to 2000's TwelveSnippets for flute, clarinet, cello and piano, The Twisted Pine Branchis a testament to this composer's versatility, wit and charm. Featuringan international array of guest artists, including oboist Gerard Reuter, the New York Philharmonic's Principal French hornist Philip Meyers,soprano Judith Nicosia, Spanish cellist Ignacio Alcover, Japanese oboist Shigeru Ota and violinist Mayumi Pawel, this disc showcases superbchamber works by Haskell Small, who has also recently recorded hisrenowned Symphony for Solo Piano for Albany and a CD of children'stales, Once Upon A Time for Ongaku.

As a pianist, Mr. Small has performed throughout the United States andJapan, including Carnegie Hall, Alice Tully Hall, National Gallery ofArt, Kennedy Center, and the Spoleto Festival. He has been the recipient of solo recital grants from the NEA and was a top prizewinner at theJ.S. Bach International Piano Competition. For more about him, visit his website at

  • Tweet for Two for two oboes
  • Six Miniatures for bassoon and piano
  • Fugue and Postlude for flute, bassoon and piano
  • Twelve Snippets for flute, clarinet, cello and piano
  • Suite for Strings and Piano Concertante
  • Short Story for flute, oboe, clarinet, cello and piano
  • The Twisted Pine Branch for soprano, French horn and piano
  • Suite for Solo Cello

Available at or from 4Tay Inc. - 516-586-3433

CD 4021
UPC Code #681585402122

Laurel Ann Maurer, Flute and Alto Flute
Jeff Manookian, Pianist
Mark Neiwirth, pianist
Joanne Pearce Martin, pianist

Laurel Ann Maurer is on the Web

  • Robert Muczynski - Moments for Flute and Piano
  • Ernest Bloch - Suite Modale for Flute and Piano
  • Eldin Burton - Sonatina for Flute and Piano
  • Jeff Manookian - Sonata for Flute and Piano
  • Yehudi Wyner - All the Rage for Flute (doubling Alto Flute) and Piano
  • Henry Cowell - Two Bits for Flute and Piano

Available at or from 4Tay Inc. - 516-586-3433

Masterpieces from the Jewish Folk Music Society

Zina Schiff, violin
Cameron Grant, piano

Visit Zina Schiff on the web at

"Chamber music for piano and violin, featuring Zina Schiff and Cameron Grant, respectively (with Cherina Carmel filling in at the keyboard on two selections). The Jewish Folk Music Society was founded in St. Petersburg in 1908 at a time when the then-Russian capital was also a center of musical genius. Encouraged by Rimsky-Korsakov, who died before the organization was officially inaugurated, the Society drew from many of his students and was responsible for some truly magnificent music, including the 19 brief pieces recorded here. Schiff is a wonderfully expressive player, and Grant (and Carmel) offer sympathetic and subtle accompaniment. A very beautiful recording. Rating: AAAAA."

- New York Jewish Week

  • Rimsky-Korsakov - Hebrew Love Song
  • Joseph Achron - Lullaby & Scher
  • Joseph Engel - Chabad Melody & Freilachs
  • Zenovi Feldman - Hebrew Melodies I & II
  • Jacob Weinberg - Canzona, Scherzo & Berceusse Palestinniene
  • Alexander Krein - Air
  • Krein-Heifetz - Dance
  • Michael Gniessin - Schajke-Pfaifer's Nigun
  • Rhapsody & Cradle Song - Solomon Rosowsky
  • Lazare Saminsky - Chasidic Suite

Available at or from 4Tay Inc. - 516-586-3433

A Musical Portrait of Allen Ginsberg by Composer Elodie Lauten

Mark Duer, Baritone
Meredith Borden, Tyler Azelton and Sherrita Duran, Sopranos
String Quartet with bass, flute, drums and percussion
Elodie Lauten, Synthesizer

Visit Elodie Lauten on the web at

During the Summer of 1996, only a few months before his death, the late Allen Ginsberg put together a set of poems on the theme of New York, as suggested by Elodie Lauten for a musical setting. The poems he selected, from Cosmopolitan Greetings 1986-1992, Collected Poems 1947-1980, and White Shroud Poems 1980-1989 are highly autobiographical and reveal some of his most intimate thoughts.

Waking in New York is scored for baritone, soprano and mezzo soprano, percussion, double bass, string quartet and flute. The music closely follows Ginsberg's own flow of mental associations, which act as triggers of rhythm changes and key modulations.

"Despite the formality of its cantata-like structure, Waking in New York is certainly one of the most intimate large-scale vocal works ever written.(...) This is a large work for Lauten, but large works have become her metier; her recent Deus Ex Machina Cycle for singers and baroque ensemble was 100 minutes long ... Waking in New York's hovering harmonies, gentle but relentless momentum, and chantlike melodies remind one of another great vocal work, from the 1920s: Erik Satie's Socrate, based on the last words of Socrates.(...) It's worth remembering that Socrate was one of Frank Zappa's favorite pieces. Born in Paris, daughter of the jazz dummer Errol Parker, Lauten seems a legitimate heir to Satie's imperturbable aesthetic."

- The Village Voice

"Blues melodies, gospel and pop as a song cycle. (...) Waking in New York is actually a lovely, effective and affecting song cycle for vocal ensemble and orchestra. Ms. Lauten has treated Ginsberg's poetry and its underlying spirit carefully, even reverently. She tucked its personal and sometimes diarylike texts into her own agreeably melodic and ecclectic style, but she also appears to have listened carefully for traces of the music that animated Ginsberg's soul."

- The New York Times
  • May Days 1988/Part I
  • May Days 1988/Part II
  • Lunchtime
  • The Charnel Ground/Part I
  • The Charnel Ground/Part II
  • Personals Ad
  • Jumping the Gun on the Sun
  • Manhattan Thirties Flash
  • Song: The Weight of the World is Love
  • Waking in New York/Part I
  • Waking in New York/Part II
  • Waking in New York/Part III

Available at or from 4Tay Inc. - 516-586-3433

The Music of Luis Antonio Escobar

Performed by Americas Vocal Ensemble
Nelly Vuksic, Conductor

  • Cántica #15 — Me perdonan estas coplas
  • Cántica #5 — Eres un granito de oro
  • Cántica #8 — El del sombrerito 'e jipa
  • Cántica #9 — Dende aqui te estoy mirando
  • Cántica #11 — Cuando espero no venis
  • Cántica #12 — Me topé con una niña
  • Cántica #21 — De tres amores que tengo
  • Cántica #16 — Cuando la vide venir
  • Cántica #17 — La vida se pasa pronto
  • Cántica #20 — Te arrullo en tu cuna
  • Cántica #18 — Lucero de la mañana
  • Cántica #10 — Si nos hemos de morir
  • Cántica #7 — Yo me enamoré del aigre
  • Cántica #4 — Me perdonan estas coplas
  • Duerme agua en tu nombre
  • Todo esto es el amor
  • Encuentro
  • Al oido de la poesia
  • Cántica #1 — Cánticas si no cantara
  • Cántica #2 — Cuando la vide venir
  • Cercania de la muerte
  • Tu reino de alas blancas
  • Rondeles
  • Poema equivoco del Juglar ebrio
  • Variaciones sobre un añejo temilla
  • Son
  • En la luna que he contado

Available at or from 4Tay Inc. - 516-586-3433

American Chamber Works for Flute, Clarinet, Piano and String Orchestra

Laurel Ann Maurer, flute
Russell Harlow, clarinet
John Jensen, piano
Serenade Chamber Orchestra of Armenia

  • Jeff Manookian - Trio for Flute, Clarinet and Piano
  • Ramiro Cortes - Elegy for Flute and Piano
  • Alec Wilder - Suite for Flute, Clarinet and Piano
  • Leor Kraft - Music for a Sunday Afternoon for Flute and Clarinet
  • Shulamit Ran - East Wind for Solo Flute
  • Robert Muczynski - Duos for Flute and Clarinet in B-flat, Op. 24
  • Robert Muczynski - Three Preludes for Unaccompanied Flute
  • Carson P. Cooman- Invocation for Solo Flute and String Orchestra, Op. 229

Available at or from 4Tay Inc. - 516-586-3433

CD 4025

With Steve and Dale

Available at or from 4Tay Inc. - 516-586-3433

Original and beautiful sounds for the musical saw and piano by the renowned composer of Fame, Steve Margoshes, featuring sawist Dale Stuckenbruck, with the composer on piano.

Visit Steve Margoshes' website at

  • I Want to Make Magic — from the Musical Fame
  • Neapolitan Serenade
  • "The Dream" Theme
  • Let's Play A Love Scene — from the Musical Fame
  • Procession for Two
  • Fatima's Theme
  • A Chinese Melody
  • October Song
  • Song Without Words
  • Bring on Tomorrow — from Fame

Available at or from 4Tay Inc. - 516-586-3433

CD 4030
UPC Code #681585403020

Zina Schiff, violin
Cameron Grant, piano

Visit Zina Schiff on the web at

  • David Amram - Sonata for Violin and Piano*
  • Abraham Ellstein - Haftorah*
  • Menahem Avidom - Concertino*
  • Efrem Zimbalist - Orientale*
  • JPaul Ben-Haim - Arabic Song & Improvisation and Dance*
  • Julius Chajes - Zwei Stucke*
  • Paul Kirman - Ancient Hebrew Airs
- *World Premiere Recording

"(The David Amram) is a fascinating sonata and one that makes me keen to hear more...(Ellstein's) Haftorah is loving, impassioned and reverential. It smokes with sinuous ululation...(the Avidom) Concertino is a worldly sweet lilt of a piece with a sort of Havanaise air to it...An attractive and unhackneyed selection of music by Jewish composers much of it with an exotic edginess."
- MusicWeb International
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Available at or from 4Tay Inc. - 516-586-3433

Available at or from 4Tay Inc. - 516-586-3433