Dan Locklair Symphony No. 1.
Commissioning Consortium Project

The following is information concerning the commissioning consortium project for composer Dan Locklair's Symphony No. 1.

Title of Composition: Symphony No. 1 (Symphony of Seasons)

Duration: Between 20-30 minutes, with the finished composition likely being on the shorter end of that time spectrum

Instrumentation: Not to exceed triple woodwinds, four horns, three trombones and tuba — scoring would include three percussion and timpani, as well as piano and, possibly, harp

Available for: Premieres during the 2002-2003 and 2003-004 concert seasons

Dan Locklair's website: http://www.locklair.com/

Orchestras that have already joined the consortium: (as of 10/1/2001):

  • Louisville Orchestra, Uriel Siegel, Music Director (World Premiere performance)
  • Salt Lake Symphony
Orchestras considering the project (as of 10/1/2001):
  • North Carolina Symphony
  • Cedar Rapids Symphony
  • Kansas City Symphony
We are discussing the project with several other orchestras as well.

Dan Locklair has supplied the following statement regarding the consortium commission of his Symphony No. 1, which he has tentatively subtitled Symphony of Seasons.

Overview concerning consortium commission of Symphony No. 1 by Dan Locklair

It gives me great pleasure to outline initial details of the plan to create my first symphony, to be financed and performed by a consortium of outstanding American orchestras.

The new work would be available for premieres during the 2002-2003 concert season. Though certain details may change as the composition progresses, my present plan is to create a four-movement symphony for orchestra. The size of the orchestration, in addition to standard strings, would not exceed triple woodwinds, four horns, three trombones and tuba. The scoring would include three percussion and timpani, as well as piano and, possibly, harp. The length of the piece would be between 20-30 minutes, with the finished composition likely being on the shorter end of that time spectrum. Since I often seek inspirational impetus from extra-musical stimuli, the Symphony No. 1 will likely be subtitled, Symphony of Seasons. Each of its four movements will be named for the seasons of the year and each will also possibly be inspired by a poem that gives poetic interpretation of the seasons as they apply to life. As with other works of mine that are programmatically inspired, the piece will first clearly stand on its own as a musical composition. Yet, the programmatic element should both help the listener more fully enjoy the new work and will also give conductors the possibility for thematic programming. For future programming, I should note that it is my plan to create individual movements that not only are tightly crafted to serve the entire four-movement structure, but also to create movements that may be played alone.

As I have always been punctual with all past commission deadlines, the piece would be completed on the promised schedule. An engraved, error-free full score and set of parts would be available for the performances with ample time for performance preparation.

My music has consistently gained positive response from performers, conductors, audiences and critics alike. Along with repeated comments about distinctiveness of style, listener accessibility is often cited. For instance, even dating back to the late 1980's with the World Premiere of Creation's Seeing Order (A Prelude for Orchestra) the reviewer for Musical America wrote: "Dan Locklair is on to something. He's found a way to write new music that doesn't frighten audiences or have orchestra members groaning under the weight of gimmickry and esoterica. At the same time, he is faithful to his commitment to get out-of-the-ordinary sounds and bristling rhythmic configurations from a traditional orchestra." And later: "(Creation's Seeing Order) has elements that should win it repeated performances. Short, snappy, and street-smart, it hits the ground running and never lets up." Nearly a decade later, when excerpts from my Hues for Orchestra (Three Brief Tone Poems) was aired over National Public Radio's Performance Today (10 June 1999), the piece was cited for its importance in helping the Louisville Orchestra gain a 1999 ASCAP Award for contemporary music programming. The Performance Today commentator, Markand Thakar, called Hues "Éa brilliant work full of orchestral colors ..."

Like all of my music, the new Symphony No. 1 (Symphony of Seasons) will be a substantial and solidly crafted composition. It is my hope that this new creation will offer up a most valuable contribution to the American orchestral repertoire of our time.

Dan Locklair
May 2001
Winston-Salem, NC
How the consortium works:
All consortium member orchestras are contributing a mutually agreed to amount to the overall commissioning fee. This will entitle them to a state and/or regional premiere of the new Symphony. We envision somewhere between 7 and 10 orchestras taking part in this consortium. Specifics as to gathering of money and other project details will be available shortly.
Consortium questions or further information:
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