The First International
Piano Duo Festival in Israel

Chairmen — Bracha Eden & Alexander Tamir
Artistic Director — Yuval Admony
General Manager — Leonid Spivak
Producer — Dudu Z'arz'evsky

Opening Gala | Piano Duo Concerts | Closing Gala | Participant Bios

Time & Place: The First International Piano Duo Festival in Israel will take place between the 10th and the 14th of September 2003, concentrating in the magical surroundings of The Suzanne Dellal Performing Arts Centre in Tel Aviv (Recitals), in the Israeli Opera House (opening Gala), The Jerusalem Theatre (Closing Gala) and other important venues in Israel such the Rappaport Auditorium in Haifa, the new Performing Arts Centre in Herzelya and more.

Participating Piano Duos: 13 piano duos have been gathered from Israel and around the world to participate in this major musical event — all packed into 5 days! This international portrait reveals a colorful array of countries, stretching from the Far East, through Eastern & Western Europe, on to North America and eventually landing in the Middle East as follows: Japan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Canada and finally Israel.

Opening Gala: The festival will begin with an All-Bach Opening Gala in the Israeli Opera House; featuring the Israel Chamber Orchestra under the baton of Noam Sherif. Bach’s double and triple concertos will be performed by 5 piano duos in the same evening and two supporting soloists in the triple concertos.

Recitals: The heart of the festival will be the 7 double recitals to be given in the Suzanne Dellal Hall - presenting a vast variety of pieces covering many styles, national origins and periods. The recitals have themes that appeal to a broad public interest: "French Cuisine for Two", "Dancing Around The world", "Greetings from Vienna, "Invitation to the Ballet & The Opera", "From Bach to Brahms", "From Russia with Love" and "Mostly Variations". Some of the recitals will also special presentations, such as the art video to be presented during the performance of the Canadian Palenai Piano Duo, and a set of percussion for the famous Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion by Bela Bartok. Alongside light-hearted programs such as dances around the world, traditional repertoire will also be well represented by such pieces as Brahms’s Sonata for Two Pianos, Stravinsky’s The Rite Of Spring and more.

Closing Gala: The closing Gala will take place in the Jerusalem Theatre and will be broadcast live. It will present 4 double concertos by the great masters from the Baroque to the early Romantics paying tribute to this medium: Bach in c major, Mozart in Eb major, Haydn/Steffan in D and Mendelssohn in E - a brilliant program to finish in a grand finale.

Talking about it: In the course of the festival, the inauguration of an international archive-centre of piano-duo material will be announced to the public. The archive centre will gradually seek to encompass all that has ever been written and recorded for the medium. 4-hand repertoire, rare works, the symphonic piano and other aspects will be discussed. The symposium will be accompanied by a full concert of pieces by Israeli composers written for piano duo.

Essence: In times of such bitter conflict in the area, an event of full-hearted musical collaboration between two individuals, and all of the duos, whether married, twins, life-long friends or other, coming together from all over the world in this strife-torn strip of land, Israel, is a living testimony to the more positive and hopeful prospects of humanity.

- Yuval Admony/Artistic Director

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Opening Gala — September 10

Israeli Opera House

Bach - concertos for 2 & 3 pianos and orchestra

Concerto in C minor, BWV 1060 (2 pianos)

Joy Innis and Adrienne Shannon

Concerto in C major, BWV 1064 (3 pianos)

Olga Scherbakova, Yuri Scherbakov and Leonid Spivak

Concerto in C minor, BWV 1062 (2 pianos)

Bracha Eden and Alexander Tamir


Concerto in D minor, BWV 1063 (3 pianos)

Irena Kotler, Gregory Shifrin and Maria Spitkovsky

Concerto in C major, BWV 1061 (2 pianos)

Nikolai Petrov and Alexander Gindin


Piano Duo Concerts Between September 10 - 14

1."French Cuisine For Two"

"Palenai Piano Duo" [Adrienne Shanon & Joy Innis] (Canada)

2 Pianos: Debussy - En Blanc et Noir, Poulenc- Sonata

"Odessa Piano Duo" [Olga & Yuri Scherbakov](Ukraine)

4 Hands: Debussy - Symphony, Massenet - Dance Scenes, Poulenc- Sonata,

Milhaud - "The Cow on the Roof"

2. "From Bach to Brahms"

Pappalardo-Turini" [Gianfranco & Andrea] (Italy)

2 pianos: J.S. Bach — Goldberg Variations

"Zak-Friedland (Israel)" [Jonathan Zak & Irena Friedland]

2 Pianos: Brahms — Sonata for two pianos Op.34b

3. "Keyboard Adoration"

Kotlyar-Shifrin (Israel)

2 pianos: Bela Bartok — Sonata for 2 Pianos & Percussion, Bach/Babin — Sonata

"Eden-Tamir" (Israel)- [Braha Eden & Alexander Tamir

The Rite of Spring

4. "Dancing Around the World"

"Moschos-Karytis Piano Duo" [Petros Moschos & Dimitris Karytis](Greece)

2 Pianos: Debussy Lindaraja, Milhaud — Scaramouche, Constantinidis — Greek Island, Bennett - 4 Pieces, Admony - Rag

"Apteka-Ainagulova" (Kazakhstan)

4 Hands: Gavrilin —Sketches, Bizet — Jeaux D’Enfants and more

5. "Invitation to the Ballet & the Opera"

"Apteka-Ainagulova" (Kazakhstan):

Tchaikovsky — "The Nutcracker"

/ Warshavsky-Shapira (Israel)

Stravinsky — "Petrushka"

Kanazawa-Admony" (Japan/Israel)

Gershwin/Grainger - Fantasy on Porgy & Bess, Liszt — Reminiscence on Don Juan

6. "Greetings from Vienna"

"Takezawa-Sischka Piano Duo" [Eriko Takezawa & Christoph Sischka] (Japan/Germany) - 4 hands: Czerny - Grand Sonata, Schubert — Introduction, Variations and Finale.

Palenai Piano Duo - 4 hands: Schubert — Fantasy in F minor

"Zak-Friedland" - 2 pianos: Mozart - Sonata in D.

7. "Mostly Variations"

"Siffert Piano Duo" [Claudine & Patricia Siffert] (Switzeland)

2 pianos: Schumann: Andante and Variations, Frank Martin: 5 Etudes and Lionel Rogg: 1 4 5 1

Warshavsky-Shapira [Stanislava Warshavsky & Dina Shapira (Israel)

2 pianos: Saint-Saens — Variations on a Theme by Beethoven, Liszt — Concerto Pathetique


Closing Gala — September 14

Jerusalem Theatre

Bach - Concerto in C major, BWV 1061

Patricia and Claudine Siffert

Mozart — Concerto for two pianos in Eb major

Jonathan Zak and Irena Friedland


Haydn/Steffan - Concerto for two pianos and orchestra

Eriko Takezawa and Christoph Sischka

Felix Mendelssohn - Concerto for two pianos and orchestra in E Major

Tami Kanazawa and Yuval Admony


Bios of Participating Piano Duos















THE TAMI KANAZAWA and YUVAL ADMONY PIANO DUO has made worldwide appearances on concert stage, radio and TV broadcasts: Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Canada, USA, Cyprus, Israel, Korea and Japan, followed by rave reviews. They are the first prizewinners of several international piano duo competitions: Tokyo 2000, Rome 2001 and The 2002 IBLA GRAND PRIZE. They appeared in prestigious halls such as Carnegie Recital Hall in New York, Argentina Theatre in Rome, Casals Hall in Tokyo, National Radio Hall in Warsaw, the Budapest Radio Hall and the Royal Gardens of Prague. The duo is invited to festivals around the world such as Budapest Spring Festival in Hungary, Pacific Rim Festival in Canada, Bad Herrenalb Festival in Germany, Festival Concertistico in Bergamo, Italy, and The Felicja Blumenthal Festival in tel aviv Museum. Tami & Yuval perform regularly across the nation in recitals for two pianos or 4 hands and have appeared as guest soloists with The Israel Symphony Orchestra and other Orchestras in Europe and the Far East.

PETROS MOSCHOS and DIMITRIS KARYDIS were born in Greece and have been collaborating since 1997 while they were studying at the Royal Academy of Music in London. In April 2001, they won the XII International Schubert Piano Duo Competition in Czech Republic (which led to a live radio broadcast of Mozart's Concerto for two pianos KV 365 with the Janáček Chamber Orchestra). At the same competition they were also awarded the "Aloise Slozila" Special Prize for the best interpretation of Schubert. Other prizes they have won include the 1st prize at the XVI "Caltanissetta" International Piano Duo and the 1st Prize at the "Rovere d'Oro" International Music Competition. The duo has recently won the first prize at the 10th ‘Donostia Hiria’ International Piano Duo Competition (Spain, 2003). They perform regularly in Italy, Germany, Greece, Spain, Czech Republic, and UK. Recent performances have included Poulenc Two-Piano Concerto in England and Saint-Saens "Carnaval of the Animals" in Germany and appearances in the South Bank Centre, Fairfield Hall, Janáček Festival and the Brno International Music Festival. The duo has recorded for the BBC Radio 3, the Hellenic, Czech and Bavarian Radio and Television. Their debut CD under the label ‘Genuin’ features works of Mozart, Brahms and Schubert gaining high critical acclaim.

ANDREA TURINI and GIANFRANCO PAPPALARDO - ANDREA TURINI has completed his studies in the Coservatory A. Boito in Parma and continued in advanced studies with Marcella Crudeli, Humberto Quagliata, Bruno Canino, Bruno Rigutto and other prominant pianists. In addition, he has attended the Chmaber Music Course in Ecole Normal de Paris an received the top Diploma and special mention of the Jury. He has led a brilliant career performing in many cities throughout Italy amongst which Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence, Genova, and many others. He made concert tours in Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Yugoslavia, and the United States. Participated in important festivals in Madrid, Brussels, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rome and more. Important halls include the Radio Rai Auditorium in Rome, National Hall of Madrid, The Alfred Cortot hall in Paris and Carnegie Hall in NY. First prize winner of Velletri and Rome. Andrea Turini has been actively performing in a piano duo for over 12 years and his team has won the first prize in the 7th International competition "Rome 1996". He is the winner of the Bach special prize in the 2002 Ibla Grand Prize. GIANFRANCO PAPPALARDO has been the pupil of pianist Vincenzo Balzani and was educated at the conservatory of Giuseppe Verdi in Milan. Pappalardo was placed in first positions in many National and International competitions. He has performed in numerous recitals, chamber music and symphonic concerts for important theatres, television and radio institutions in Italy.  He recorded a CD of Kojeluch and Salieri in Palermo and toured abroad in Belgium, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Palma de Majorca, Canada, United States, Russia and Germany. He recorded intensively for the National Belgian Radio, The Romanian State Television and the Italian National Radio (RAI). He plays permanently with important orchestras: Philharmonic Orchestra in Rome, Sicilian Symphonic Academy and Romanian State Philharmonic Society in Oradea, Satu Mare, Bacau and others. He has been Artistic Director of the Symphonic Concert season "Riposto Music Festival" since 1997, and of The International Atelier of Music and Art since 1998. From 1999 onwards, Gianfranco Pappalardo is on the directory board of the International "Viotti-Valsesia" competition.

PIANO DUO IRINA KOTLYAR and GREGORY SHIFRIN - IRINA KOTLYAR and GREGORY SHIFRIN formed a duo piano team in 1994 as students at the Jerusalem Rubin Academy. Duo Kotlyar—Shifrin have concretized throughout Israel and abroad, performed in venues such as The Israel Festival (Jerusalem), the Knesset of Israel, the Targ Music Center, and more. In 2000, Duo Kotlyar-Shifrin took the third place in ARD International Music Competition in Munich, Germany. In 1999 Duo Kotlyar — Shifrin won the second prize in the First International Piano Duo Competition in Bialistok (Poland) and won the second prize in the 7-th Murray Dranoff International Two Piano Competition in Miami, Florida, USA. In 1998 Duo Kotlyar — Shifrin won the first prize in the Sharon Tabor-Finz Competition and performed with Jerusalem Rubin Academy Chamber Orchestra. The Duo performed with The Jerusalem Symphony orchestra, Bialistok Philharmonic Orchestra, "New World" Symphony Orchestra of Miami and Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra. Most recently the duo released their 1st CD in "Music from Ein-Kerem" series.

SVETLANA and VERONIKA APTEKAR-AINAGULOVA - The twin sisters SVETLANA and VERONIKA APTEKAR-AINAGULOVA were born in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan. Their teachers were Prof. Kononenco in Alma-Ata and Ossentinsky in Moscow. They also received master classes with Md. Reding in Monaco, Neu Chatel (Swizterland) and Policka (Czeck Republik). They started giving concerts since 1993 and to date have performed in the most well-known halls in Russia: The Bolshoi Hall, The Malui Hall, The Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow, The Bolshoi Hall of St. Petesrburg’s Philharmonia, The Philharmonic Halls in Voronezji, Nizni Novogord, Astraham, Alma-Ata and Samara. In 1995, the twins were appointed ‘Soloists of the Moscow State Academy Philharmonia’. Outside Russia they have performed in Paris, tribute to Russia’s former nobility, at the Martinu Festival in Policka, Czeck Republic, and have performed to great critical acclaim at the Reding Piette Piano Duo Festival in Switzerland, appearing with the Basel Symphony Orchestra in cities such as Brnu, Geneva and Basel. They have premiered several works in Russia such as the concerto for two pianos and irchestras by the Italian composer, Mallipiero, and others.

OLGA SCHERBAKOVA and YURI SCHERBAKOV formed their piano duo in 1986. They are the first laureates of several international competitions: festival in Nizhny Novgorod (Russia) special prize, "Rome 1992" (four hands category), "Rome 1993" (2 pianos category), International Piano Duo Competition in Tokyo - special Prize "Mainichi Shinbun". The Duo has taken part in many International Festivals in Ukraine, Russia, Belgium, Italy, Lithuania and Germany. In 1996, Duo Odessa founded and organized The International Duo Festival "Crimean Dialogues", Yuri Sherbakov as the Artistic Director. Duo "Oleyuria" has performed in concerts in the prestigious halls in the Ukraine and abroad: Hall of Columns of the National Philharmonia of Ukraine, "La Fenice" in Venice, Palace of Congress in Rome, Glazunov Hall in Riga and others. They have made recordings for SWR, National radio and TV of Ukraine and radio Vaticana and a double CD, which was highly praised.. The Duo also has premiered various works in Ukraine and abroad. Duo "Oleyuria" has created concert performances such as the cycle: "World of Piano Romanticism" and cycle: "Poetry and Music", where they take the roles of the authors, and actors as well as the pianists. Olga Sherbakova and Yuri Sherbakov are respectively the President and Vice President of the Ukrainian Piano Duo Association.

NIKOLAI PETROV and ALEXANDER GINDINNIKOLAI PETROV is an internationally acclaimed Russian pianist and professor at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory. A scion of an illustrious musical family, he won second prize at both the Van Cliburn and the Queen Elisabeth Piano Competitions. Has appeared with such orchestras as Berlin Philharmonic, London Symphony, Royal Philharmonic, Los Angeles Symphony, Washington National Symphony, among many others. His repertoire includes about fifty solo programmes and fifty-five concertos. For the past twelve years has had his own series at the Moscow Conservatory, "Nikolai Petrov Plays". His teachers were T. Kestner at the Moscow Central Music School and Professor Yakov Zak at the Moscow Conservatory. ALEXANDER GINDIN was born in 1977 in Moscow. At 13 years of age he became one of the top grant-aided students in the Program "New Names" and presented his country with concerts in Italy, Israel, Hungary, England, Belgium and France. In 1994 the 17 year old musician became the youngest winner of the 10th International Tchaikovsky Competition (4th place). In 2001 A.Gindin completed The Moscow Conservatory with Professor M.Voskresenskogo. Successful performances, a huge repertoire, always filled concert halls, positive reviews - all this has enabled Alexander to become at 19, the soloist of the Moscow State Academy in the Philharmonic Society. The musician recorded 16 compact discs with Rachmaninov, Scriabin, ‏Beethoven, Brahms, and Ravel. Mr. Gindin has broadcast on radio and TV of Russia, Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg and Poland. In 1999 Gindin became the 2nd prize-winner of the Queen Elizabeth International Competition in Brussels.

The ERIKO TAKEZAWACHRISTOPH SISCHKA PIANO DUO has won prizes at piano duo competitions: 1st prizes in Rome and Cortemilia, 2nd prize in Tokyo; Duo Category in Moncalieri/Torino. Besides concretizing in Germany, the Duo has toured in Japan, Korea, Spain, Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Switzerland and Slovakia. The Duo was invited to take part in music festivals in Spain, at The Cultural Events Week in Baden-Württemberg and at the International Piano Duo Festival at Bad Herrenalb (Germany). The duo dedicates much of its time for the discovery of lost or forgotten works and the cultivation of four-hand material. They have recorded unique CDs such as that of little known compositions by Gaetano Donizetti, Carl Czerny, Toshimitsu and of Harald Genzmer's complete duo oeuvre, including the compositions for piano duo and saxophone by this composer and Jean Martinon respectively. In all, they released 5 CD recordings published under the labels of Bayer-Records, Ars and Gega New (Sofia). Some CDs were mentioned on the Year's Best chart of Neue Musikzeitung (nmz) or recommended by Fono Forum and Stereoplay. The Duo appeared on TV in Spain and Germany, broadcast on radio in the Czech Republic and given master classes, lectures and lecture-concerts in Korea, Japan and Germany.

BRACHA EDEN and ALEXANDER TAMIR, now recognized as one of the most established piano-duo teams world wide, are celebrating 40 years on the concert platform. Based in Jerusalem, Eden and Tamir's reputation continues to spread with their annual tours to the Far East, Europe and the United States. They studied with the famous duo Vronsky and Babin and later won the Vercelli Duo Piano Competition, which resulted in a highly acclaimed tour. Their reputation for expanding the duo piano repertoire has been well earned. They were responsible for introducing Lutoslawski's Paganini Variations to audiences outside Europe and, at the suggestion of Igor Stravinsky, were the first to record "The Rite of Spring" for two pianos. Their repertoire consists of many lesser known works, a few of which were written especially for them or were premiered by them. Eden and Tamir are also well known for their performances of the complete works for two pianos of Mozart, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Schumann and, in particular, Brahms. They were awarded the Grand Prix du Disque for their interpretation of the Sonata in F minor and, when the BBC discovered Brahms' own transcription for the four symphonies, they were invited to record them. To celebrate Brahms' 150th Anniversary, BBC television produced "Four Hands Play Brahms", featuring the duo. They have recorded extensively for Decca and CRD. Their recording of "Dances around the World" was acclaimed by the June edition of Gramophone Magazine. They recorded the complete works for piano-four-hand by Franz Schubert - a project of 8 CD's for CRD Records. Both Bracha Eden and Alexander Tamir are senior professors at the Jerusalem Rubin Academy of Music and Dance and teach a special course in Duo Piano. They have contributed to the Israeli music scene by establishing special musical projects, such as the Chamber Music Center in Jerusalem (The Targ Music Center) and the Chopin Society in Israel.

CLAUDINE and PATRICIA SIFFERT — Piano Duo - Natives of Fribourg, Switzerland, CLAUDINE and PATRICIA SIFFERT completed their studies of piano performance at the Fribourg and Geneva Conservatories in Switzerland, and at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. Their teachers included Celine Volet, Tibor Hazay, Peter Feuchtwanger and Martin Jones. They participated in Master Classes at The Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada and The Britten-Pears School of Aldeburgh in England with such teachers as John Perry, Graham Johnson and Martin Isepp. They are the laureates of The Swiss Musical Youth Competition, The Association of Swiss Musicians, and Concours Piano 80 and others.  They have been intensively active throughout Switzerland, England, France, Belgium and Canada with radio broadcasts including Radio Swiss Romande and others. They have been guest soloists with numerous orchestras in Switzerland including The Fribourg Symphony Orchestra and others.

JOY INNIS and ADRIENNE SHANNON - Canadian pianists JOY INNIS and ADRIENNE SHANNON formed Palenai in Toronto in 1982. Since then, they have performed across Canada, in Europe, the United States and Korea, and appeared as guest soloists with major Canadian orchestras. Their public concerts and studio recordings have been broadcast on national and regional programming for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and for radio and television in Indiana. They have adjudicated music festivals throughout Canada and in the U.S. Innis and Shannon received Doctor of Arts degrees in 1996 from Ball State University and were awarded Dean's Citations for Academic Excellence. They have held teaching positions at the Toronto Conservatory, Mount Royal College Conservatory of Music, Malaspina University College, Queens University and Saint Leo University in Florida where they are currently Co-Chairs of Fine Arts. Since 1986, PALENAI have been Directors of the Pacific Rim Summer Festival on the west coast of Vancouver Island. PALENAI have expanded their artistic horizons by developing programs of visual music called Rhythm 'n Views. Live concerts and their own recorded soundtracks have been visualized with Innis' photographic and digital images to create a visual interpretation of the music. Their CD, Synergy was recorded at the Banff Centre as part of their residency in the Music & Sound program. PALENAI Piano Duo is listed in the current edition of the International Who's Who in Music.

STANISLAVA WARSHAVSKY and DIANA SHAPIRA PIANO DUO - STANISLAVA WARSHAVSKY was born in 1974. She began her studies in Hrakov (Ukraine). Upon completing her studies in her home town’ she immigrated to Israel and continued studying at the Rubin Academy for Music and Dance in Jerusalem with Prof. Vadim Monstrirsky, Prof. Eden and Prof. Tamir. DIANA SHAPIRA was born in 1977 in Moscow and graduated from the Tchaikovsky Academy of Music in 1996. After immigrating to Israel, she was accepted to the Rubin Academy for Music and Dance in Jerusalem and studies with Prof. Berkovich, Prof. Eden and Prof. Tamir. In this Academy they started playing professionally from 1998. Since then, they have won several prizes in a number of competitions amongst which: frist place in The Schubert Com[petition in the Czech Republic, special prizes fo the best performance of the Paganini Variations by Lutoslawsky and Rondo Op.73 by Chopin, first prize in the chamber music competition in Jerusalem and more. Their first CD came out in the year 2000. That same year, they were invited as guest soloists to appear with the Munich Radio orchestra. They participated in international festivals in Germany, Poland and Italy.

JONATHAN ZAK and IRENA FRIEDLAND - JONATHAN ZAK has appeared as soloist with all of Israel’s major orchestras and has performed extensively in Israel, Europe and the USA as a soloist and as instrumental and vocal accompanist. In 1969 he was one of the founders of the world-renowned "Yuval" trio. The trio has performed all over the world for 25 years and recorded for "Deutsche Gramophon", "CBS Masterworks", "Centaur Records" and others. Mr. Zak has also recorded often for the Israel Radio and for various radio stations in Europe and served on the Jury of some important International music competitions, such as the ARD chamber music competition in Munich, The Schubert and 20th century music in Graz, The International Harp Competition in Israel and others. He is currently full professor at the Music Academy of the Tel Aviv University. The Ukrainian pianist IRENA FRIEDLAND immigrated to Israel in 1991 and later graduated from the Rubin Academy of Music at Tel Aviv University "summa cum laude". She has performed as chamber musician and soloist in numerous festivals and concerts, in Israel and also in France, Germany, Russia, Norway, Belgium, Italy, Finland, Sweden and United States. She has appeared in Israel with some of the leading orchestras, such as The Young Philharmonic Orchestra, The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra and The Israel Chamber Orchestra. Since 1996 Ms Friedland is the permanent pianist of the Israel Chamber Orchestra. She has recorded numerous programs for the radio and has recently recorded and released two commercial CD's. Ms. Friedland is currently on the teaching faculty at Haifa University and the Rubin Academy of Music at the Tel Aviv University.

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