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  • CD103 Images of Chagall; Summer Music; Sound Phantoms #7
    - Images of Chagall, Summer Music, Sound Phantoms #7 - Bronx Arts Ensemble, Cygnus Ensemble, Steven Mauk, soprano sax, Gordon Stout, percussion
  • CD104 Jazz Symphony and Challenger
    - Loretta Holkmann, mezzo-soprano, Ron Fink, saxophone, Lithuanian National Philharmonic, Juozas Domarkas, conductor
  • CD105 Cello Music of Meyer Kupferman
    - Aristo Variations, Night Voices, Dark Orpheus, Blue Sonata - Laszlo Varga, cello, Karen Rosenak, piano, William Anderson, guitar
  • CD106 Samuel Baron Plays the Flute Sonatas of J.S. Bach
    - Sonatas for flute and harpsichord or continuo - Samuel Baron, flute, Gerald Ranck, harpsichord, Timothy Eddy, cello
  • CD107 The Proscenium - A Chamber Opera
    - Barbara Hardgrave, mezzo-soprano, Music in the Mountains Festival Chamber Players, Meyer Kupferman, conductor
  • CD108 Quintets of Meyer Kupferman
    - Quintet for bassoon & strings, Quintet for bassoon & strings, O Harlequin for solo flute - Bronx Arts Ensemble, , Music in the Mountains Festival Chamber Players, Peter Alexander, clarinet, Marcia Gates, flute
  • CD109 Ice Cream Concerto and Flavors of the Stars - for chamber ensemble
    - Atril 5 Ensemble Mexicano Contemporario
  • CD110 The Moor's Concerto and Wings of the Highest Tower
    - Kazuko Hayami, piano, The Moscow Symphony Orchestra, Konstantin Kremetz, conductor
  • CD111 Orchestral Music of Meyer Kupferman, Vol. 1 - Lyric Symphony, Variations for Orchestra, Ostinato Burlesco, Concerto for Cello & Jazz Band
    - Japan Philharmonic, Akeo Watanabe, conductor, David Wells, cello, Hartt Jazz Ensemble, Donald Mattran, conductor
  • CD112 Orchestral Music of Meyer Kupferman, Vol. 2 - Libretto for Orchestra, Divertimento for Orchestra, Chamber Symphony, Atto for Orchestra &Mask of Electra
    - New Philharmonia Orchestra, Stuttgart Philharmonia,and Prisma Chamber Players Harold Farberman, conductor, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Paul Freeman, Jan DeGaetani, mezzo- soprano, Ronald Roseman, oboe, Joel Speigelman, electric harpsichord
  • CD113 Orchestral Music of Meyer Kupferman, Vol. 3 - Concerto for Guitar & Orchestra Banners for Orchestra
    - Roberto Limon, guitarist, Orguesta de Baja California, Eduardo Garcia Barrios, conductor
  • CD114 Orchestral Music of Meyer Kupferman, Vol. 4 - Hexagon Skies for Guitar & Orch. Infinities Projections
    - Roberto Limon, guitarist, Orguesta de Baja California, Eduardo Garcia Barrios, conductor
  • CD115 The Piano Music of Meyer Kupferman, Volume 1, Christopher Vassiliades, piano
  • CD116 Images - Music by Eleanor Cory - Pas de Quatre, Canyons, Ehre & Hemispheres The New York Camerata, Polish Radio National Symphony, Joel Eric Suben, conductor, Gregory Fulkerson, violin, Chris Finckel, cello, Christopher Oldfather, piano
  • CD117 Orchestral Music of Meyer Kupferman, Vol. 5- Masada & Twilight Symphony Orguesta de Baja California, Eduardo Garcia Barrios, conductor
  • CD118 Chamber Music of Meyer Kupferman, Volume 1 - Sonata Guernica, The Flames of Abracadabra, Tunnels of Love
    - Cantilena Chamber Players, Mary Findley, violin, Kazuko Hayami, piano, James Jones, clarinet, Mark Foley, bass & J.C. Combs, drums
  • CD119 Orchestral Music of Meyer Kupferman, Vol. 6 - Fantasy Concerto for Violin & Orch.
    Raimundus Katilius, violin, Lithuanian State Symphony Orch., Gintaras Rinkevicius, cond.
  • CD120 Orchestral Music of Meyer Kupferman, Vol. 7 - Three Faces of Electra & Rhapsody for Guitar & Orchestra
    - Roberto Limon, guitarist, Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra, Gintaras Rinkevicius, conductor
  • CD 121 Orchestral Music of Meyer Kupferman, Vol. 8 - 4th Symphony & Little Symphony The Louisville Orchestra, Robert Whitney, conductor, The Vienna State Opera Orchestra, Franz Litschauer, conductor
  • CD122 Orchestral Music of Meyer Kupferman, Vol. 9 - Symphonic Odyssey, Quasar Symphony, Sound Phantoms #8
    - Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra, Mindaugas Piecaitis, conductor
  • CD123 Guitar Music of Meyer Kupferman, Vol. 1 - Echoes from Barcelona, Strumming, Poetics #3, Exordium & Through a Glass Darkly
    - William Anderson and Oren Fader, guitars, Joan Forsyth, piano
  • CD124 The Orchestral Music of Meyer Kupferman, Vol. 10 - Poetics #9, Concerto for Four Guitars and Orchestra, Symphony for Six
    - David Starobin, Oren Fader, Mark Delprioria and David Leisner, guitars, Manhattan Chamber Sinfonia, Glen Barton Cortese, conductor, Orquesta de Baja California, Eduardo Garcia Barrios, conductor
  • CD125 The Orchestral Music of Meyer Kupferman, Vol. 11 - Winter Symphony, Concerto Brevis for Flute and Orchestra
    - Laurel Ann Maurer, flute, Orchestre Philharmonique de Monte Carlo, Meyer Kupferman, conductor
  • CD126 New Tunes on Jazz Elements - Jazz Quartet, Sonata on Jazz Elements, Moonfingers Demon
    - Kazuko Hayami, piano, The Ariel String Quartet, Orquesta de Baja California, Meyer Kupferman, conductor
  • CD127 The Music of Meyer Kupferman - A Faust Concerto, Among The Windy Places
    - Jane Zwerneman, horn, Orquesta de Baja California, Meyer Kupferman, conductor, Bronx Arts Ensemble
  • CD128 A Memorial Tribute to Raimundas Katilius - Brahms - Sonata No. 3 for violin and piano, Beethoven - Sonata No. 3 for violin and piano
    - Raimundas Katilius, violin, Petras Geniusas, piano
  • CD129 Moon Music 2000 A Soul for the Moon, Moonflowers,Baby!, Lunar Arcana, A Crucible for the Moon -
    Christina Ascher, mezzo-soprano, Igor Begelman, clarinet, Laszlo Varga, cello, Anne Tedards, soprano, David Matthews, saxophone, University of Oregon Percussion Ensemble, Charles Dowd, conductor
  • CD130 The Orchestral Music of Meyer Kupferman, Volume 12 - Tinker Hill, Lunar Symphony
    Jiri Kulisesv, alto saxophone, Czech National Symphony Orchestra, Paul Freeman, conductor
  • CD131 The Orchestral Music of Meyer Kupferman. Volume 13 Flight Alone, Speculum Symphony
    - Czech National Symphony Orchestra, Paul Freeman, conductor
  • CD132 O North Star 151; Flute and Chamber Music of Meyer Kupferman - O North Star, Four Constellations, Dovely Duo, Strata
    - Laurel Ann Maurer, flutes, Russel Harlow, clarinets, Joanne Pearce Martin, piano
  • CD133 The Orchestral Music of Meyer Kupferman. Volume 14 - Elegy for the Vanished for Guitar and Orchestra, Icon Symphony, Double Concerto for Two Clarinets and Orchestra, Brass Quintet, Chamber Concerto
    - Czech National Symphony Orchestra, Paul Freeman, conductor, Stanley & Naomi Drucker, clarinets, American Brass Quintet, Samuel Baron, flute, Gilbert Kalish, piano, Isidore Cohen and Jeanne Benjamin, violins, Harry Zaratzian, viola, Michael Rudiakov, cello
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Meyer Kupferman

Three Faces of Electra for orchestra - (score) - $40
Winter Symphony - (score) - $45
Symphonic Odyssey - (score) - $40
Lunar Symphony - (score) - $45
Quasar Symphony - (score) - $40

Fantasy Concerto for Violin and Orchestra - (score) - $54
Concerto Brevis for flute & orchestra - (orchestral score) - $40 - (piano reduction ) - $30
A Faust Concerto for French horn and chamber orchestra (orchestra score) - $40 - (piano reduction) - $30
Acrobats of Apollo - Concerto for marimba, guitar and chamber orchestra - (score) - $35
Concerto for 4 Guitars and orchestra - (score) - $45 - Set of 4 solo guitar parts - $40

String Orchestra
Five Fantasies for strings - (score) - $20

Chamber Orchestra
Moonfinger's Demon for chamber orchestra - (score) - $40

Eleanor Cory
Northwest Passages for solo clarinet - $13.50

Andrew Dancesco
Balrog's Whip for solo guitar - $15
Season's End for solo flute - $10

David Bruce Goldberg
5 Pieces for Solo Clarinet - $12.50

Patrick Hardish
Sonorous for sax quartet - $22

Percussion Ensemble
Percussion Symphony (·on Tibet and Tiananmen Square) for percussion ensemble - score & parts - $60.00

Mixed Chamber Ensemble
Miro Miro on the Wall for soprano, alto sax, bass & piano -(score & parts)- $60
O North Star for flute (piccolo, alto flute), clarinet (Eflat and bass clarinet) and piano - (score & parts) - $48
Duo Arsenalis for flute and viola - $12
Double Bubble for two like saxophones - $10.00
I Remember Morton Feldman (1997) for clarinet and piano - $16.50
New Space for violin, oboe and guitar - (score) - $20
Tiger Moon for violin, harp. percussion and guitar - score and parts - $85
Dovely Duo for clarinet and flute - (score) - $15.50
Superclarinet Who? for solo clarinets - a theater piece for 1 player - $15.50

Solo Instruments
Strata for flute solo - $8.50
O Luna O Sol for guitar solo - $15
Sonata Jupiter for guitar solo - $12.50
Tanktotem II for piccolo solo - $8.50
Ebony Fingers for clarinet solo - $17.50
Mercury for guitar solo - $15.50

Loren Lentz
A Tuber Rose Dream for solo cello - $10
Persieds for flute and piano - $20

Binette Lipper
Sonata for Piano No. 3 - $24
Soliloquy for clarinet - $8

JoyEllen O'Brien
Figments of Imagination for solo guitar - $15

Pablo Fernando Valera
Pleyades for solo clarinet - $8

All orchestral works listed above have instrumental parts available on rental from Soundspells Productions. To order any of these works or for a catalogue of Soundspells Productions/Phantom Press publications, please contact:

Soundspells Productions
86 Livingston Street
Rhinebeck NY 12572
914-876-6295 - phone & fax


For a period of 15 years I have returned again and again to Meyer Kupferman's guitar masterpieces. It has also been a great privilege for me to have had the opportunity to work together with Kupferman over the years, honing my interpretations of these works. I consider him one of my most important and formidable teachers. While Kupferman does not play the guitar himself, his writing displays a deep understanding of the expressive possibilities of the guitar. I find this music definitely guitaristic. While it is impossible to describe the full scope of his musical world, my hands-on experience with his music has left some indelible impressions: Kupferman loves to range spontaneously between extremes. Flying from the lowest register to the highest and hovering there at the top of a great parabolic arch, one wonders how long the weightlessness can be sustained! We encounter in this music extremes of register, extremes of volume, timbre, velocity and deliberate stylistic contradictions. His guitar music is both the loudest and the softest guitar music I've ever experienced.   While the fun and flair of his music was certainly an attraction for me when I was a young musician looking for challenges, I gradually found his work to rest on some deep, rock solid musical truths. Beneath the impetuosity, the profusion of forms and contrasts, one can always discover a simple musical germ - an ur-melody. This is an aspect of Kupferman's music which took me years to recognize. Even now I continue to discover new details which point to an uncanny structural acuity underlying the unpredictable surface design of each composition. This brings us to a little appreciated aspect of Kupferman's sensibility: his sense of structure is so deeply assimilated, operating on its own internal powers, that he is entirely free from it. It does not hold him prisoner in any way. I sense that this is the key to understanding his gestalt style, which is represented in a definitive way on the new disk of his guitar music I have recorded for Soundspells, Echoes from Barcelona (CD123).

William Anderson has been described as "a first rate player" by The New York Times. Echoes from Barcelona is his 3rd Soundspells CD, the other two being performances with Laszlo Varga on Cello Music of Meyer Kupferman (CD105) and with the Bronx Arts Ensemble on Images of Chagall (CD103). He has given solo recital tours in the U.S., Germany, Austria, Mexico, Poland, Russia and Holland, playing classical and contemporary music, including works of his own.


An Appreciation By LAUREL ANN MAURER
When I was sixteen, I recall buying Meyer Kupferman's SUPERFLUTE LP recording by Samuel Baron on the Nonesuch label. I was exhilarated by Baron's virtuoso performance and truly blown away by Kupferman's powerful but unusually expressive music. Never did I dream that some day I would be studying with Samuel Baron or speaking with Meyer Kupferman himself about performing the World Premiere of his Flute Concerto, CONCERTO BREVIS, At the National Flute Association Convention in Phoenix this Summer.

I met Meyer Kupferman a few years ago when he coached me on his unaccompanied short flute piece ARCANA I. Immediately I felt a connection to this music and was eager to rise to the aesthetic demands it required. Because the composer himself is a virtuoso clarinetist he understands intrinsically how the performing musician patiently studies and prepares in order to play successfully any music, especially his own.

At this very moment, for example, I am involved with four of Meyer Kupferman's latest flute works: CONCERTO BREVIS, O NORTH STAR (a trio for flute, clarinet and piano), STRATA for solo flute, and DOVELY DUO for flute and clarinet, all of which I will perform this Summer at the NFA Convention. And once again I look forward to meeting with Meyer for his help. But not without a little fear and trepidation, because he encompasses the richest of musical ideals and expects no less than perfection. Clearly this quality represents a high standard, not tyranny. The performer who can accept this will benefit musically. Kupferman's music holds technical and artistic challenges that transcend the performer, the instrument and perhaps even the composer's original concept. His music is imaginative and deeply emotional. As a performer, learning and performing such music expands my musical insights and challenges my technical skills to the limits of virtuosity.

Kupferman is a thorough teacher. I use the word teacher because this is ultimately what he does. A coaching session with him is an educational process. He leaves no stone unturned. Before I recorded his CHACONNE SONATA, I already felt we had reached the ultimate point, but then we discovered more!

I value the work I have done on the compositions of Meyer Kupferman, not only for my own artistic satisfaction, but also because I feel privileged to be a messenger of his music.

(Please see the Performances and Commissions section for more information on Meyer Kupferman's latest works for flute - ed.)

Laurel Ann Maurer has recorded Meyer Kupferman's Arcana I for solo flute for the 4Tay label (Angel Shadows - CD 4006) and Chaconne Sonata for flute and piano for Albany (American FluteWorks - Troy 167). She is a nationally renowned soloist and principal flute of the Salt Lake Symphony and Director of American FluteWorks. She performs exclusively on Miyazawa Flutes and is a Miyazawa Artist.

The ghost of Saul Goodman would be well pleased to know that exciting and marvelous percussion music lives on. Meyer Kupferman has created an extensive body of work for percussion soloists and ensembles that have been performed around the world by many superb players.

1997 brought a major addition to the literature with the PERCUSSION SYMPHONY for percussion orchestra. This is a protest piece, based on the tragic incidents in Beijing's Tiananmen Square and Tibet. Written for 6 players and conductor, the work was premiered in Ithica, New York in November 1997 by the Ithica Percussion Ensemble under Gordon Stout.

SOUND PHANTOMS #5 and PROMETHEUS, both for percussion ensemble, MOONSTICKS for solo marimba and THE STONE TEARS OF IXTACCIHUATL for solo timpani are just four of the many percussion pieces available from Soundspells. Other works with prominent percussion include A CRUCIBLE FOR THE MOON, for soprano, saxophone and percussion ensemble, SOUND PHANTOMS #7 for soprano sax and percussion and SOUND PHANTOMS #9, for marimba quartet, flute, English horn and bass.

The most recent additions to the catalogue are TIGER MOON and ACROBATS OF APOLLO

Jazz influenced works include MOONJAZZ, BABYFACE for amplified cello and jazz drums (including vibes), TUNNELS OF LOVE, a jazz concerto for amplified clarinet, amplified bass and drums and JAZZ INFINITIES THREE for alto saxophone, bass and drums. These works, like all of Kupferman's compositions, full of challenging yet enjoyable ideas, for both performer and audience.

Whether you like your percussion alone or in ensemble, the Soundspells Catalogue has something for your needs.

Soundspells Productions
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